Main features of the current international wire and cable industry

Main features of the current international wire and cable industry:

At present, the overall scale of the global wire and cable industry is surveyed. The Asian market accounts for 37%, the European market accounts for nearly 30%, the American market accounts for 24%, and the other markets account for 9%. China, the United States, Japan, Germany and South Korea occupy the top five positions in terms of copper conductor production and country of origin (among which China, Japan and South Korea are all Asian countries). China accounts for 30.5% of the world's output, among which the output of mainland China accounts for 27.6%, with the annual growth rate ranking first among all countries and regions in the world.

2. High industrial concentration in developed countries

After years of development, especially in the face of fluctuations in raw material prices, the wire and cable industry in developed countries has gradually withdrawn from the market, and the industrial concentration has been greatly improved. Four American producers control 93% of the output value of copper cables and 85% of the output value of optical fiber and cable. Japan's seven biggest companies account for 86% of sales; Britain's 12 companies account for more than 95 per cent of national sales; The five big French firms account for all the turnover in the French market; The European market is dominated by Italy's Prysmian and France's Nexen.

3. Europe continues to maintain its competitive advantage

Regionally, Europe has always been a global leader in cable manufacturing, thanks to the investment in product development by Nexans of France, BICC of the UK and Prysmian of Italy. On the other hand, 70% of the production cost of wires and cables depends on raw materials, while the labor cost is less than 10%. Therefore, the labor cost advantage of Asia cannot be fully reflected in the competitive pattern of the global wire and cable industry.

Post time: Sep-24-2020
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